Collaboration Grants

Collaboration Grants support independent cultural organisations working together across borders and disciplines.

Collaboration Grants fund transnational, cross-sectoral activities by independent cultural and artistic organisations working together or with organisations from other sectors.Collaboration Grants are awarded to cultural organisations working together across different countries of wider Europe (the 47 countries of the Council of Europe plus Kosovo) and/or with Arab-Mediterranean countries on multidisciplinary artistic projects. Partner applicants can work in sectors outside the cultural field.

ECF regards the ideal ‘collaboration’ as one that brings a renewed understanding of Europe to people of all backgrounds, and inspires them to regard the world’s future as a shared enterprise. The average award funded is €15,000 with the maximum being €30,000.

We have funded a vast array of projects, bringing unexpected narratives, new ideas and inspired visions to diverse audiences across Europe. In 2010, we received 444 applications and awarded 31 grants of an average amount of €15,000. Download the full list of Collaboration Grants awarded in 2009, 2010 and the first half of 2011.

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