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Curatorial Assistant | Artist and Communication Assistant @ Nida Art Colony

Liebe Studierende,

ein Auslandspraktikum ist eine tolle Erfahrung. Vielleicht sind ja folgende Praktika in Litauen an der Nita Art Colony in einem sozial und politisch dynamischen Umfeld interessant für einige euch:

  • Curatorial Assistant
    The primary task of a Curatorial Assistant will be to help with the Colony programme and events, facilitate/curate exhibitions of Colony artists work, and to help with writing texts. Fluency in English is a requirement. Preference is given to these curators who have had or are seeking to have experience with artist-in-residence programmes or art education events.
  • Artist and Communication Assistant
    The artist and Communications Assistant’s primary duties will be creating the visual identity of the Nida Art Colony, and assisting the artists with the production of their work. Applicants should have experience with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Photography and video skills are also needed. Archival skills are preference.


The Nida Art Colony offers different types of internships to recent graduates and young curators. Internships are unpaid, however accommodation is provided. Interns stay with the colony for between 4 to 8 months, as it takes some time to get used to the place and learn the necessary skills. The internship is for those who are looking to experience life in the art colony as part of the staff. You will have opportunity to live and work with international artist and curators as well as make connections usefull for your future career since colony is always visited by hundreds of art professionals. The primary responsibilities include assisting with daily tasks and helping maintain and develop the colony. Applicants can choose from two different specialized internships based on their skills and to help them develop in a specific direction.

Weitere Infos zum Haus und zu den Ausschreibungen findet ihr unter nidacolony.lt.

Toi toi toi!

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