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Aufgepasst! Für alle, die an einem Masterstudiengang interessiert sind, der ExpertInnen für den Kunstmarkt ausbildet:

The part-time study program begins in September 2013
The international art market has developed dramatically in recent years. This highly competitive field demands excellent qualifications, and businesses such as galleries, auction houses, insurance companies and banks rely increasingly on the expertise of first-rate art market specialists. The Executive Master in Art Market Studies program equips participants with the professional and innovative skills needed to master the challenges of today’s art market. It promotes entrepreneurial thinking, thereby fostering an ethical approach to the art market.

Switzerland is widely recognized as one of the leading art markets in the world, providing an outstanding network of art market specialists and professionals who bring a broad range of knowledge and experience to our program. The unique integrative and interdisciplinary approach of the Art Market program sets the course for personal and professional career development.

Program overview and goals

Participants will:

  • learn about marketing strategies used by artists and their workshops in modern history and apply them to today’s art market;
  • develop their knowledge of the history, materials and production processes of fine and applied arts;
  • evaluate artwork and use the latest art market analytical tools;
  • use case studies to improve their legal knowledge and marketing skills;
  • understand art market regulations and tax optimization strategies;
  • learn to synthesize and analyze processes that are critical to small and mid¬sized businesses, and to develop innovative marketing solutions for galleries and auction houses;
  • develop leadership and decision-making skills.


The program is primarily designed for university graduates who are currently active in the art market or who intend to be. Professional experience will be considered.

Academic credit in compliance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) will be awarded for passing examinations and/or written work. The University of Zurich (UZH) awards the following diplomas: Executive Master UZH in Art Market Studies (MAS, 65 ECTS), Diploma of Advanced Studies UZH in Art Market Studies (DAS, 35 ECTS) and Certificate of Advanced Studies UZH in Art Market Studies (CAS, 20 ECTS). The program is taught entirely in English.

The part-time Master’s program begins September 2013 for a duration of two years (CAS/DAS at least one year). Courses are held on Fridays and Saturdays in Zurich. Workshops and study trips abroad will be organized.

For further information and application details, please visit the website www.emams.uzh.ch or contact Dr. Nicolas Galley.

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